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2 ½" oil hose leak

Mercedes Sprinter - Engine Oil in Coolant Water - Oil …

On removing the bottom hose from the radiator we drained the system of about 2 litres of oil, we removed about another 3 litres of tar from the expansion tank. The van ran perfectly in every way except for the massive oil loss into the water system.

Help identify oil hose leak 911 3.2 - Pelican Parts Forums

Hi, Can someone help identify the oil hose below (part#). It is weeping and doesn''t look genuine to me. To replace do I need to lower the engine or Hi there this is the line you need to get part nuer is 93010734714 To replace it set your engine on top Z1. Remove

2.8l Oil Leak-- VCGs?

2012/1/21· Hey guys I have a small oil leak coming from what look like either the valve cover gasket or under the passenger side head. It''s a thicker braided line that goes into the block (or head) and runs down into the oil cooler where the oil filter sits. A slight oil smell does

Engine Oil Cooler Hose - Engine Oil Hose at the Right Price

HOSE (ENGINE OIL COOLER) 1-24 of 290 Results FILTER RESULTS BRAND ACDelco (123) Compressor Works (2) Dorman (155) URO (10) This is a test 10% OFF $75. Use Code: DIYSAVE10 Online Ship-to-Home Orders Only Dorman Hose (Engine Oil Part #

Fixing a Punctured Garden Hose in 3 Minutes! : 4 Steps …

Fixing a Punctured Garden Hose in 3 Minutes!: One of my garden hoses sprang a leak. On closer inspection it looks like a hole was punctured into its wall. I suspected one of my doggies was the culprit here. Read on for how I did a quick fix to this leak.

2007 xc90 3.2 Brake vacuum pump oil leak - Volvo Forums

2018/9/4· 2007 xc90 3.2 Brake vacuum pump oil leak Help, Advice, Owners'' Discussion and DIY Tutorials on Volvo XC90s. The XC90 proved to be very popular, and very good for Volvo''s sales nuers, since its introduction in model year 2003 (North America).

Oil Leak | Bimmerfest BMW

2016/1/12· the odd thing is that the oil leak started when i changed the oil. the engine is now loosing a quart about every 2 weeks. i am dredding taking the entire thing apart to identify root issue. any suggestions on what to do are appretiated (instructions, manual

XC90 Oil Leak At Charge Air Cooler | The 2004 Volvo …

Shortly after I purchased my 2004 XC90, I noticed some oil seeping from the connection between the charge air cooler and the pipe that leads to the throttle/ETM. The connection is supposed to be an air-tight one, but it’s still possible that oil seeps out from here. If you’re thinking to yourself that oil probably shouldn’t be seeping out of there in the first place, you’re right. But

AF: 2.7 oil leak | Allpar Forums

2015/8/2· I had an 02 stratus 2.7 that did this..put some work into it for sure. First thought it was just the oil pan which is a common leak point on these engines.took care of 50 percent of the leak. The oil pressure sensor was leaking, replaced with a dealer part but still had a

CERTAIN 2015 ~ 2018 SR400 MOTORCYCLES FACTORY MODIFIION CAMPAIGN – Oil Leak from Flare Nut on Oil Hose

Modified (oil leak/ oil hose 2 replaced) – parts reiursement plus a labor allowance of 0.5 hour. YDS: To submit your Recall Claim in the new warranty system on YDS, go to Service > Warranty Claims/Authorization

leak from oil hose after oil change? - All Things Moto!

2012/10/23· Similar Threads for: leak from oil hose after oil change? Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post kx 250 breather hose kxrobbo 2-Stroke Dirt Bikes - Kawasaki 3 07-19-2012 02:35 PM coolant leak from overflow hose recklesshunta 2-Stroke Dirt Bikes 0 8

''86 930: Turbo Oil Feed Hose Leak - Pelican Parts Forums

As I''ve been searching for the oil leak, I''ve felt below the hose and didn''t find too much fresh oil. Some but not a lot and not by either of the hose connections. When I felt below the other oil line shown behind the turbo oil feed hose, I came up with a good bit of fresh oil.

I have an oil leak in my 99 dodge stratus 2.4l DOHC. It is …

I have an oil leak in my 99 dodge stratus 2.4l DOHC. It is coming from somewhere in the front part of the engine. It is getting worse and I can''''t for the life of me loe it. What is weird is that up until 2 weeks ago it was an intermintit leak. Now is is very constant

K&W Stop Auto Leak Solutions - Find the solution to fix …

Use our interactive Fix My Leak tool to identify the type of leak you have and learn about which K&W Stop Leak product to use to address the issue! Whether it’s a radiator leak, automatic transmission leak, power steering leak, engine coolant leak, or an oil leak, K&W can help you diagnose and fix the problem quickly and affordably.

5 Symptoms of an Oil Pan Gasket Leak (and Replacement …

Top 5 Oil Pan Leak Symptoms Like most components of a vehicle, the oil pan gasket does not last forever. As you continue to drive your vehicle, the gasket will go through normal wear and tear. Eventually, it will get to the point where the gasket is so worn out that

SilveradoSierra • Oil cooler line leak : Vortec 5300 …

Re: Oil cooler line leak Apr 20 2014, 2:39am do you know what a flare tool is? if you just cut and hose clamp be sure to do a single flare so it gives the line something to bite

Duratec 2.0LPlenum Breather Hose - Oil Leak | Lotus …

I found a thin covering of oil on the underside of my sump and bellhousing today and so I started to look at the joint positions for a leak. Whilt under the car I looked up and saw oil covering the plastic housing (HA Valve) on the side of the engine. I removed the

WR400 vent hose oil leak - WR400F/426F/450F - …

2005/8/5· My 98 WR400 is dripping oil from its vent hose (vent hose is connected to the top of the valve cover). Its not a continuous leak under the bike, but drop by drop it adds up and has me now concerned. Itll probably leak 1/2 quart in 2 hours of hard riding. Im guessing

mercury leaking 2 stroke oil Page: 1 - iboats Boating …

2014/4/20· Re: mercury leaking 2 stroke oil No idea as to your engine but on my 90 I tilt my engine all the way up and check the height of the oil in the self contained reservoir that would just be at the level of the cap. Result is oil tank is about 2/3 full so I never fill it above that.

I have a 1998 LeSabre that has an oil leak. It appears to …

I have a 1998 LeSabre that has an oil leak. It appears to be coming from on top of the oil filter. Does that hose up - Answered by a verified Buick Mechanic Disclaimer: Information in questions, answers, and other posts on this site ("Posts") comes from individual

PCV Oil Leak 98 2.2L | S-10 Forum

2012/9/25· i''ve heard that there is no pcv valve on the 2.2, but when i checked my "box" that goes from pcv hose to the throttle body, i noticed some oil in there. so im just wondering is there any kind of breather related to the pcv valve? is there anything serviceable? tips, suggestions would be helpful.

Hose, Fittings, Adaptors & Accessories - Fuel & Oil …

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Oil Leaking from Intercooler Hose - TDIClub Forums

2014/11/28· Oil Leaking from Intercooler Hose TDI 101 I changed my oil recently and upon removing my "under" cover I noticed oil around my lower driver''s side intercooler hose. Now I know its obviously not supposed to leak, but is oil in my intake normal for TDI''s?

BMW E46 Common Leaks | Alex Zheng

Crush washers: 32-41-1-093-596 (Qty 2) 3. VANOS oil line These hoses usually won’t have a dripping type oil leak but will leak very slowly and start to build up residue. It bolts to the oil filter housing and to the VANOS unit. Part nuers needed for fix: 4. Oil


Marine hose Float Sink hose system for SPM Leak free tube lining Polyurethane cover World’s stiffest 24” SRSH (Special Reinforced Submarine Hose) 5 DESIGN / DEVELOPMENT DESIGN VERIFIION

2011 Ranger 500 oil leaking from small hose under …

2015/3/16· Anyone know what that hose under the motor is for [some sort of vent] Here''s what happened started the Ranger today and parked it outside for 3 hrs or so. Anyway when I went and looked underneath it there was a big puddle of oil where I had parked it. {there was no oil …

Leak from new radiator hose and new clamp | Bob Is The …

2017/7/22· Hi so I have a leak on a 2002 Ford Mustang V6 from the lower radiator hose specifically around the radiator clam and I can''t figure out what''s wrong. Whenever I tighten the clamp it stops the dripping so maybe that has something to do with it but I''m not sure. The

*UDATE* 2017 WRX with oil leak at 700 miles - NASIOC

2017/5/17· Hi, I have a brand new 2 week old 2017 WRX Limited and discovered an oil leak at 700 miles. It''s at the dealer now with 1600 miles as we were on vaion when I spotted it. The oil is coming from the scavenger pump area/cam carrier. I pointed it out and they said

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